- Sino Sun


If one talks about the milieu of the painting artists from the "Neuen Leipziger" school, one would assign Sino Sun in the guild of the disco steel turning electronic sound generators, to such genre. In terms of style, today he keeps changing between new Electro, minimal Rave and brisk House sound. For him House is the cradle of any origin - with it he starts spinning vinyl, no matter which special interpretation, whether it is classical, with vocal or synthetic - the main thing for him is House. Today it can be a little bit more, after all Sino Sun doesn't want a limitation of his sound. This development is quite normal, because the musican often plays - tests, experiments, rejects and uses the surprise. This process inevitably leads to extend the spectrum and ensures the great complexities in his performances. But only spinning vinyl is not enough for the hyperactive-creative artist, after all he is specializes in divine and market the right trend. It's clear that the artist is responsible for the success of Dance Festivals in many places - the man with the serious sense of feeling the scene pulse early on