- Dj Themis


Born in Greece in 1979,music was always his passion.His first steps were in 1994 at local radio stations and clubs.Now he is world wide known as Dj Themis with many releases in electronic music at digital stores such as iTunes,Juno records,amazon,emusic,google play,rhapsody,soundcloud,MySpace,Djtunes,7digital,Beatport,Trackitdown.As far as now he has supported many famous dj's like Dave Seaman,Kevin Yost,David Morales,Soda Inc,Hiroshi Watanabe and local like G Pal,Andrianos Papadeas,Nikos Diamantopoulos,Alexandros Christopoulos,George Kyriakou,Christos Fourkis,12Tones,Dousk,Dj Freespirit,Sonicstash and many others. Member of Evernote Records and in assosiation with Get In Shape Recordings,Believe Digital,Hero in my Hood labels.He is devoted to Electronica music especially to minimal tech housea gentre full of rhythms,with the soul and accessibility of house.”According to thedjlist he is one of the best Djs,producers in Greece and his sounds and sets becoming more popular day by day.