- Kpounkt


Music has accompanied KPOUNKT ever since the age 6, right from the moment he was given a toy organ with comical faces. "At the beginning of my musical career, I tinkered away on the clown, cat and horse. These days I prefer a synthesizer, but unfortunately without those funny faces on the keys. My first real contact with electronic music took place in a year I'll never forget. It was Christmas Eve 1997. I was always fooling around on an out-of-tune wooden organ at school and for Christmas I had asked my parents for a keyboard. As it was getting close to present-opening time, I ran euphorically into the living room and saw the presents under the tree. Mine was a beautifully wrapped box that was really large, but a keyboard would definitely not fit in there. I thought perhaps it was one that folded together or something. I unwrapped the box with great anticipation! All that appeared was a big grey lump of plastic and metal. It was a PC tower. I asked my parents what it was, but I already knew. I wanted to play music, not punch letters on some keyboard to see them appear on a monitor. As it turns out, this didn’t stop me from trying to get some sounds out of the thing.