- Bifath


Inspired by the HR3 Night Club discovered Bifath 1991 the love of electronic music. His talent for your own creativity in music production Bifath remarked, as he 1995 C-Pha2er met. He has already produced at a AMIGA 500. From now on hold was no more. Bifath wanted to know everything about, how to build a track, with the arrangement plays and everything about producing electronic music. Thus began C-Pha2er and some daring Bifath musical experiments and had so her favorite hobby found. From time to time presented itself Bifath more technology for more possibilities of music production to use. Then separated in 2002 launched of both. Beginning in January 2008 met his current Bifath "Sound colleagues" Scoop van Eden, he already from the school knows and it turned out, Scoop that van Eden, and once again the vinyl Bookings for his running brings. The project "Liner" was therefore in cooperation and both revealed all, this is only the beginning from other projects could be, not lea st by the good feedback on various Web 2.0 portals. From now on Bifath and Scoop van Eden a are musician Team.


100 Sporty Workout Mixes
Crew 7, DJ Sakin, Stereoliner, S.o.B.Beats, Nick Domie, Sixty Sleepers, New Neon, Pumuq, Cazintel, Gordon Raddei, Soundlounge, Deejay Chris White, Raw Conscience, Robertiano Filigrano, DJ Arvie, Sanorum, Chris Tunes, Bluezy, Dernier Cri, La Leyenda Negra, Peer Van Mladen, Mauro Panello, Pepa, Dr. Malade, Tildbros, Tilda Gold, Mimi, Stefan Zintel, Dean M., Ron Ravolta, Emixfair, Kolna Mgharba, Dj Green Khaki, Style Mistake, Mixwill, So Phistry, Tad Hutchens, Chillo, N.D.A., Chris Galmon, Rock-Candy, Romanto, Out Of The Drum, Fantasy Project, Degreezero, Bifath, Niko De Luka, The 80's Ghetto Collective, Masterbeat, Sun Kidz, Sandra, Cagan Nazlioglu, Sunrider, Sentenela, Shebe, GoodGuy, WE R 1, Various Artists, DJ Subsonic, Justin Becks, Dreamwalker, Barquero, Baldachi, Corina, Mangoon, Big Box, Fabrizio E Marco, Paranoja Crank Dance Remix Edition, Amsterdamm, Roody Van Hype, Destiny, Deep.Spirit, David Hopperman, Nick Waters, Calabria, Marc Lener, Kilu, Marco, DJ Blisco, S.T.B., Kathy, DJ The Bass, Math Delekian, Surisan, DJ Kajjin, Eva Marti, El-tone, David Amani, John Davis, Orange Connection, Icon, Cera, Frost, David Posor, Jaybee, Manao, 3X Music, LFO, Masta Huda, Setchobeuys, Alex Greed, Stee_v, Makossa, Top3!, Cyrex, Altar, Chris Cute, Raindropz!, Muza Yakuza, Playdis, Max Kay, Matt Mendez, Stereoliner, DJ Xelerator, Cornell, Manox, C7, Ozi, M Dee J, Trancephonic, Wetschi Deejay, Sunrider, DJ Delta, Deejayz United, Grey-T, Jumpdropz, Jorge Martin S
Sports Audio Tools | 2014-11-21
Chillout - 200 Chillout Songs
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Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-08-01