- Cmore Trix


Cmore Trix... A Producer and DJ based in Derby in the middle of the little islands that make up the UK... DJing since his 18th birthday he developed an affinity with all things ‘ever-so-slightly-last-year’ and subsequently decided to produce his own music and beats. A generic befuddlement meant that he has always struggled to produce in one style of music (or even in the style he set out at first), this has created a tendency to raise an eyebrow to all but the best of his own productions and has hopefully created the sort of quality control barrier that all good artists need. Having enjoyed a number of releases in various digital outlets and with a reasonably busy project diary the future looks good for this confused fellow. Cmore can be caught tapping his foot wherever house music is played (busy sleeping schedule permitting) and occasionally when asked nicely he can be found behind a laptop playing tunes at said venues.