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 - Darkrow


Darkrow born in 1984 in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia -Spain). Currently it is considered as one of the topdjs/producers in the endless scene of northern Spain in theworld of Electronic Music. Because of his passion for Musicbegan producing and DJing for a group of Hip-Hop called"Alto Assault" in different event dj perfected his skill with thedishes in small clubs House and Techno in the area, andhighlighting 17 years for his refined technique. Musically wecould say that Darkrow has gone through all kinds ofvariants of Techno over the past 10 years to finally settle inthis new style sounds very groove, cool and funny to movingdancefloors worldwide, but like the cabin, the study is one ofits natural habitat, which has achieved real hits being topsales in several record labels from all over the world andhave had great support from djs and producers such asRichie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Dubfire, Karotte, Luciano, DaveClarke, Cristian Varela, Paco Osuna, Kaiserdisco, Slam, BenSims, Marko Nastic, Maceo Plex or Stefano Noferini amongmany others, is that this artist manages to convey in theirproductions the groovy sound and most hypnotic Technobases with the essence of the House. Currently focused onproducing more that has never made it into the recognizedTOP 100 Beatport with several of their latest albums inthese last three years after having started his new project,Datagroove Music (2010) and The Box Records ( 2012) .Two labels aimed at the dance floor and in which we find anew Darkrow, more personal music, collaborations andproducers of his friends some of the most important artistsof the moment Tech-House and Techno. Music "100%Groove", this is his signature sound, but the best definitionof this could be your own artist, live listening.