- Rahd


Rahd born in Teramo (Italy) in 1992 and since he was a child is influenced by the musical tastes of his father as jazz, fusion, blues, funky.At only 12 he joined a band where he plays guitar and during the studio sessions he begin to feel a deep interest for grooves of bass and drums.Shortly after Rahd approaches to Incognito's rhythms and then to the real electronic music.In 2006 he begins to play at various friends parties and, because he is really valued, also in many clubs near Teramo.In 2008 he knows the need of music production and, complete autodidact, after some years of several tests he decides to realise his first Techno Ep with Tlk Rec, called: "Square's Consequences".Rahd is an artist in constant evolution that cannot be defined with a single musical genre.His wish is grows more and more, looking at his young age, for the pleasure of listening to his music all over the world.