- Marina Karamarko


With a residency on famous Ibiza for 2 years now for theVIVa Warriors parties at Sankeys and also known as aSankeys Global resident DJ, she is definitely the one tokeep your eyes on!Marina Karamarko is fresh blood of electronic music scene,always playing from the heart with the tendency to spread allover you and into you with a mission to leave you with a fullheart before going home. With her unique style andcharisma she instantly won the floor and gained a lot ofinternational interest.It all started back in the 2006 when she decided to transformthe love of music into a life's passion. After wining somelocal dj competitions the gigs just kept on coming.In 2008 she gained an Audio Engineering Diploma at SAEUniversity of Ljubljana and since than she is collecting moreknowledge and experiences as a sound engineer andproducer, which leads to supremacy in understanding thebackground of the music she plays and makes.Her talent and passion didn't go unnoticed on Ibiza so shewas offered a residency in highly respected club Sankeys,where she played a on ViVA Warriors night with DJs likeSteve Lawler, Darius Syrian, Sante, Phillip Bader, Guti,Robert Dietz, Detlef, Anek and many more. While living onIbiza, she also had an opportunity to play in the biggest clubin the world Privilege, famous beach club Sands and topradio stations on the island Ibiza Global radio and IbizaSonica.Her capacity for understanding the music, its layers and hernatural ability to entertain and connect is the reason peoplenever forget and always want more. Her status as asuccessful female dj combined with her professionalism andhard work has gained her respect with her dj colleaguesand more important the dancing crowd who appreciate hersincerity, openness and the fact that she's simple andapproachable, loving what she does.