- Filipe Neves


In 2000 Filipe Neves became involved in the club circuit in Portugal and the surrounding areas, this gained him the experience in an innovative electronic music project called LUNATICOS which included such notables as Alex Santos and Manuel Pereira "Djazzy ". He held a residency for two years in Santa Maria and played at countless beach parties. He was also producing radio shows before making the break at the age of 20 and leaving behind the safe environment of his family home in Portugal. London was his horizon. The world capital of creativity. Filipe left with one objective, connecting People with MusicŠ Since then, Filipe Neves has progressed to new projects which concentrate on promoting new artists and electronic music. 2006 saw a larger focus on the production side of things for Filipe with tracks being released on Pandora (Portugal), System Records (New York) and Revolutions (Manchester). More recently Filipe has successfully managed his own brand of events under the name Melloponik. Due to the increase of interest in his Mellophonik brand, the team expanded into 3 international brand managers. Filipe from Portugal, Paul from Dublin and David in London. Each with their own unique management skills and event history, they have helped bring Mellophonik to the forefront of the club scene. The future is looking very bright for Filipe and Mellophonik with new events forecast, studio collaborations and international gigs.