- Almer


It all started back in 2002 when Almer was introduced to theElectronic Dance Music scene. It began in Jakarta where hejoined Camouflage and starts to organize events. Learningabout the music, the people, and the culture fromCamouflage’s very own DJ Gibran he enjoys Dance music.At first, he began to play Deep House. But the desire andpassion was never there through out the time he’s behindthe decks playing Deep House.In 2004 he moved to Los Angeles and being introduced toTrance by Substance’s DJ Glend. Intrigues by the melodiesand powerful bass, Almer decides to learn more about thegenre. Soon after he started collecting Trance vinyl andspins Trance at clubs. Playing back-to-back with hisfriend/mentor DJ Glend, he learns a lot about Trance.Influenced by the likes of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Sandervan Doorn, and Above & Beyond; he began to find his ownidentity as a DJ by mixing elements from various style ofEDM. Incorporating Techno, Trance, and Progressive to hissets, he created a head bobbing, fist-punching, and bodytwistingmusic that will make the crowd goes crazy. In thepast years, Almer has been playing in the finest clubs allover Los Angeles and began to make a name for himself asa DJ in the entertainment capital of the world.Spending most of his time producing music, he learns a lotmore about the music he spins. His main goal as a DJ is toalways please the crowd with a journey through his music toan unknown destination where mind and music collides tocreate a whole new state, a condition where Armin vanBuuren define as, a state of Trance.