- Splash


Shay, Oren and Mor have a long and profound history in the psychedelic scene. Shay have been producing festivals and parties for over a decade. Oren and Mor have been producing music and working behind the scenes for over a decade as well. The 3 had a mutual journey in the psychedelic scene and finally they have decided to join forces and bring the project Splash to life. With a long experience and great understanding of the psy culture, the Splash project is aimed to bring the unique way of life to the dance floor through sound, melodies and big bass lines.


Ibiza Closing Party 2015
Felix Gaertner, Novaccor, Alex Phunk, A.D.S.R, Soul Addicts, Marie Chain, David K (GER), Angels & Rebels, Eddy Chrome, Exit Mars, Splash, Chives, L.A., Blush, Chy-kyria, Groove Kings, Love Technique, Porter Robinson, Secret Melody, Mr Luke, California Sun, Double Deep, Skaei, Superfunk, The Dancing Machine, Jameisha Trice, Global Club League, Tanya Michelle, Cosmic Funk, Luna Catana, Markell, Nika White, Diaz, Luna Moor, Hotel Stereo, Souljackerz, Rude Vinyl, Peter Brown, Luis Amarillo, Sophia May, Cash & Love, Garagestylerz, Fit For Sound, Mike Rules, My Island, Nothing But The Beat, Mykel Mars, No Panties Allowed, Uebermut, Calabria, Balearic Kings, Jenny Mai, Stephan Ho, Afrochuck, Golden Fingers, Greg House, DJ Absinth, HiFi Deluxe, Pearls Of Ibiza, Dembora, 4Ties, Epic Beat, Nova Discoteque, Dana Blade, Prash, Filtercut, Secret Ibiza, Hans Justin, Mario Castello, Sky Edwards, About Vegas, Ibiza Groove Squad, George Voudouris, Sehya, Million Colours, Miss Caramelle, Yaneena, Techcrasher, Dim2Play, Mustafa Sarikaya, Blueice DJ, Ben Ashton, Plastic Tactic, Sven Laakenstyk, Strandcafe, Jack the Cat, Frank Bass, H4RE, Einstone, Anthem Kings, Toxotis, Djerem, Hillberg, D-Tex, Tonliebe, Audiolove, Nylez, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Dima Koch, Schoko, Just Me, Elton Jonathan, Miami Dance, Dhany, Komodo, Sky And Sand, V I F, Lola Palmer, Syntheticsax, Sarkis Edwards, Joshua Evangelista, Jacy Sim, Chris Willis, Niko De Luka, The 80's Ghetto Collective, Samoth, Lucas and Steve, Rob Hayes, Norm Vork, Absolut Groovers, Funky Truckerz, Nathan Caswell, Mykel Mars, Yolas, Pasqual, Nihat a.k.a. DJ Led, La Rochelle, Alex Del La South, Johan K, Niko, Dima Smart, Brown Sugar
Decadencia | 2015-08-14
Summer Dance Hits 2015
Bess Wright, Mykel Mars, G.O.D, Nash, Almy, Bermuda Twins, Rafa Romero, Dario Synth, Chess, Matt3w & Sideone, Samantha Mayer, Stereo Palma, American Groove Junkies, Laura, Lee & Sun, T.a.p., Deejay Chris White, Eddy Chrome, Indy Lopez, Just Me, Elton Jonathan, Love Technique, Ralf Velasquez, Mc Puppet, Dj Rockmaster B, Kady Z, Secret Melody, Arkanem, Tara Louise, Space Ear, Stacia x Wunderwald, Daim Vega, D Dash, Melbourne Kidz, Sky And Sand, Mattei & Omich, Jean Claude Fanout, Mara J Boston, Crew 7, Luna Catana, Eva Menson, Jc Nitro, Discey, A.D.S.R, Soul Addicts, Double Deep, Sync Diversity, Skaei, Rob Hayes, Ricardo Cassal, Michael Ruland, Ann Bailey, Peter Brown, Jay Jacob, Sonny Zamolo, Stereoliner, Nita, Microwave Monkeys, The Betatesters, Eric Van Basten, Ibiza Groove Squad, Zane Hadwin, Nik Marten, Joe Salinas, Pierre Piccarde, lukjlite, Accardi, Splash, Chives, DJ Bostan, Antaris, Dhany, Komodo, DJ Absinth, Miami Dance, Yan Garen, Stephano Prunebelli, Vassilis Skolikis, Fabriqu3 en France, Moombah Jack, Crooper, Larrylou, Syntheticsax, Nikita Malinin, The Boy That Could, Exit Mars, Cash & Love, DJ Sunny Boy, Ibiza Club Toys, The Partystoppers, One Two Eight, Paul aus Berlin, Prince Ringo, The White Nights, Party On Demand, Wolkenlos, Sounds of Summer, Milkbar Rockers, Deep Azur, Cheap Sunglasses, Junior Crew, California Sun, System B, Yavuz Ofkeli, Tony P, Gordon & Doyle, Alexander Orue, Changing Planes, Mykel Mars, Enea DJ, Johan K
Domestic Division | 2015-06-28