- Originals


ORIGINALS is a fresh psychedelic trance Project, founded in Israel Psy trance artists Leon Aka TACTIC MIND & FLIPPERSalongside Ran Aka MAHAMUDRA. Leon & Ran are super talented producers with a long rich history of the trance scene all overthe globe.They both started their careers in music production in 2002 & began this cooperation project at the beginning of 2016. In notime, they have developed a recognizable sound which could not leave you indifferent...Their strong kick & bassline, powerful &unique melodies, organic percussion's, oriental & atmospheric vocals will blow you away like in 3D. In the last years they playedall over Israel in the finest party's and festivals such as UNITY Festival & around the globe at the TREE OF LIFE Festival.Very stylish & perfect for anytime on dance 􀂧oor. Night, Day, Morning, indoor, outdoor - it does not matter. When those twoproducers join their creativity & knowledge together - the result has to be ORIGINAL!The duo is expected to release their debut album in 2020 @ ENTERREC, UK