- Michael Retouch


Michael Retouch (real name Michael Poda) was born July 26, 1989 in Lviv (Ukraine). First showed an interest in music at the age of six. In 1997 he became acquainted with the works of such famous producers as: Paul Van Duk, ATB, Blank & Jones, Lady Tom, Dj Taucher, Dj Quicksilver, and many other well- known musicians as to the time and known for today's date.Only in 2005, with the first computer and the accumulation of knowledge and musical subtleties Michael Retouch began his training on writing their tracks. The style was already defined - Trance. But just as Michael dabbled in such areas as: Techno, Progressive House, Chill - Out, Hard Trance, Dancecore, Hard Core.At the moment, Michael has support from the likes of DJs: Tydi, Andre Visior, Andrea Mazza , DJ Cesar, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Karybde & Scylla, Manuel Le Saux, Neil Moore, Suzy Solar, Tezija & Keyra.