- Maratone


To talk about "Maratone", is to talk about one of the most promising producers from Denmark; the discovery of music at the early age of only 10 years old, made him a real lover of magical sound of electronic dance music. In 2014 when he releases his first profesional tracks, his remixes of Susana "Silent For So Long" and Jo Cartwright "Embrace You" on Raz Nitzan Music made the way for him look very bright; the remix of Susana was released on her physical compilation Press Play vol. 3 and the remix of Jo Cartwright was picked up and played by Armin van Buuren at A State Of Trance. His most popular release might be "Vendetta" featuring Ikerya Project, because of the massive Sensualise mashup with Armin van Buurens "This Is What It Feels Like". Armin played the mashup at the worlds biggest festivals in whole 2017, and this was a real booster for Maratone. In 2016 Maratone won a remix competition by Dennis Sheperd with the remix of "We Are feat. Sylvia Tuson" made together with the dutch duo XiJaro & Pitch. This remix was released on Dennis Sheperds A Tribute To Life imprint, at that time distributed by Black Hole Recordings. After this remix XiJaro & Pitch formed a strong friendship and producer-partnership with Maratone and made the track called "The Hymn" which was released under the Abora Recordings sub-label Digital Euphoria and this track opened new doors for Maratone. As supported by Abora Recordings since 2016, Maratone keeps on evolving his sound. With a quite wide musical range, the outstanding and impressive elements in his productions are truely standing out. By the time Abora Recordings offered Maratone an exclusive record deal, he had no doubt in signing with the label. After just a few years in the industry; Maratone is already supported by artists as Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Andrew Rayel, Sean Tyas, Roger Shah, Manuel Le Saux, Simon Patterson and Roman Messer.


Redux Presents: The Finest Selection 2018 Mixed by Rene Ablaze
Derek Ryan, Melissa R. Kaplan, TrancEye, Zara Taylor, Sven E, A-Tronix, Atragun, Kiyoi & Eky, Rituraj Upadhyay, UDM, Riialto, F.G. Noise, Sebastian Pawlica, Brent Rix, Toyax, Claus Backslash, Ramin Arab, Jon The Dentist, Triode, Digital Rush, Natune, Tom Exo, Miroslav Vrlik, Rezwan Khan, DJ Abscence, Adam Morris, Sebastian Montano, Vitalis, Saman Mehmani, Glacial Storm, Karim Farouk, W!SS, Accado, Eric Zimmer, Shawn Hunter, James Dust, Melbourne, Six Senses, Claire Willis, Fischer, Miethig, Shaun Greggan, Vika, Mark L2K, DJ Alph@, Franco Scaravaglione, Fischer & Miethig, ArDao, Eryon Stocker, Hamzeh, Finality, Adwell, Norex, Robin Vane, Neurofunq, Kiyoi, Syntouch, Eky, Hardwreck, The Avains, Dreamy, Maratone, Emma Chatt, Irina Makosh, Stereopeppers, Cold Stone, Gosselt, Oliver Cattley, Rolfiek, Arctic Ocean, Fright Nite, Rene Ablaze, Crystal Blakk, Danny Claire, Sunshine Rockerz, Anhydrite, LightControl, Fisical Project, Blue Sector, Sajjad Zakaria, The Enlightment, Hiromori Aso, ELV, Kaistal.A.O, Jhonny Vergel, Guy Alexander, James Lass, EnTrance, Khairy Ahmed, Nabil MJ, STEEM SL, Emmy Skyer, Ichinen Project, Sylvermay, 5unlight, Dmitry Cooper, Sergey Shvets, Lydia Delay, Gema, Sixco, Aveo, Katrik, Stuart McNiven, Pulse & Sphere, Ko Ray, Mariano Ballejos, Nicola Maddaloni, All Sandu, Fancy Power, 7 Baltic, Prucnel, Various Artists, Rene Ablaze, Brent Rix, Fischer, Miethig, The Enlightment, Sebastian Montano, Eryon Stocker, Sven E, A-Tronix, Kiyoi, Eky
Redux Digital | 2018-12-10