- Greenhaven DJs


Greenhaven DJs is a New York based duo consisting of Nicolas Mendoza- Conner and Trevor Haimes. Having met in a neighborhood known as 'Greenhaven,' the duo's passion for electronic music developed an affinity for the techy and darker side of trance. Their early years saw a string of releases on Flashover, Echelon and Red Soho Recordings, which included their first original 'The Darkest Hour.' Arguably the duo's breakthrough can be traced back to a gig at New York's Cielo nightclub, where they met the legendary Paul Oakenfold. Oakenfold would go on to sign their track 'Portal' to Perfecto Black, and establish a new favorite among trance heavyweights. 'Portal' found its second home on Cosmic Gate's compilation series 'Wake Your Mind Sessions,' and success began to domino. Remix commissions came in from Cosmic Gate, Mike Koglin and several others. With every production (remix or original), Greenhaven DJs aim to push their technical and creative limits. In an era of quantity over quality, Greenhaven DJs work best in shadows, shrouding their emotions in vivid detail.