- BiXX


BiXX is a DJ, Trance Music Producer, Mentor and American Entrepreneur whose current home is in Mobile, Alabama USA. His first exposure to dance music was mixing funk music at college parties at Auburn University in Alabama. It was at one of the most progressive and glitzy dance clubs in the world, the Limelight in Atlanta, Georgia, that BiXX rst heard European dance music. He fell in love with the pulsating 135 and higher beats per minute sounds. Fast forward to the early days of Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold and Armin van Buuren where BiXX discovered Trance music. His passion for trance music grew while listening to trance to increase energy levels during his daily gym workouts. Where passion, persistence and life’s most beautiful moments meet is exactly where you will nd BiXX sharing his music, experiences, and philosophies to make the world a better place.