- Heliotype


Heliotype is a man on a mission to create a new sound inhouse music. Bursting onto the scene with last years'Saying Nothing' on D:Vision Records, Heliotype garneredmajor support from across the DJing community.Taking elements of his favorite house, garage and drum andbass and fusing it with beautiful vocals and pensive stringarrangements the London based producer curates a sonicpalette that has led to the coining of the term "BalearicBass". T his is feel good, melodic music for the club, thebeach or the headphones that has a distinctive Ibiza-esqeedge.T he next twelve months will see Heliotype release onfledgling imprints Love & Other and Misshapen. T here arealso brand new remixes and a vocal version of his debutthat should once again bring the attention of the housecognoscenti.