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 - Javier Orduna


Born at the end of the 70's in the Aragonian capital, Javier Orduña grew closely linked to the city's first punk scene and entered into contact with the sound of legendary bands as Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys or Joy Division. It was already in the 80 ́s when Orduña saw for the first time genres as the acid house or the techno from Detroit which would mark the rest of his life for good.In 2000, Orduña decided to pack and move to Barcelona, where he soon connected with the emerging electronic music scene, getting his first residency at the legendary Moog club where he shared the Dj booth with the elite of the global techno.Soon was he arranging dates with the most important clubs in Spain: Florida 135, Danzoo, Cassette, Pagoa, Space (Ibiza) or Metro Dance Club, as well as sets in some of the most renowned international clubs : Lex Club (Vienna), Luzztro Club (Warsaw), About Blank (Germany) Lola Club (Shanghai), National Underground (New York), La Feria (Santiago of Chile), Boa Boa (Geneva) ADE Festival (Amsterdam Dance Event).After having travelled around half of the world, Javier focused all his effort on what today is his natural environment: the musical production. In the last years, he has become one of the most prolific and respected producers in Spain, making his music a personal and unique language combining the soul of Detroit with the complexity of the jazz, and resulting into a sound brimming with soul and groove.This has captured the attention of the most prestigious record labels of the electronic scene, turning him into a talismanic producer for many front-line DJs. Artists such as Guy Guerber, Hot since 82, Guy J or Chaim -among others- have played his tracks in several well known festivals and clubs. Some of his best works have been published by great labels like VISIONQUEST (Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss' label), VIVA MUSIC (run by Steve Lawler), and also MODA BLACK, where he shared works with his partner and brother Upercent.