- Northern Lite


With their new album „I like“ Andreas Kubat, Sebastian Bohn and Frithjof Rodel are going back to the roots but they are not addicted to nostalgia. After a 14 years band-history and 8 Longplayers isnt it necessary to reinvent or copy themselves.The sound-cosmos stays original: The unique combination of elecronic structures and guitar-elements, haunting vocals and concentrated bass- lines is distinctive. Only one thing is different after the Longplayers Letters & Sings Part One and Part Two: The courage to sound like Northern Lite consequently.When „My Pain“ and „Reach The Sun“ came, the people knew that a new act was born, which writes hymnes and packed electronic music into the band-context to bring it up on festival-stages and clubs with a show similar to an electrical storm. Here we are again, in spite of Radio-hits, Major-Deals and music prizes. Everything wents into the background, only the passion for boundless rhythm and pounding unique sounds will be extended more and more. Northern Lites engaging musical energy is back and „I like“ will find the way over the european stages to the fans and the newcomers.