- Synastry


Damien van Immerseel & Istvan Budai 2 guys from different countries are talented DJ's & Producers who started to collab and worked with each other back in August 2014. Damien lives in Belgium and Istvan lives in United Kingdom. Damien also managed to get as #19 DJ of Belgium in 2013 in The DJ List. Before they had their own small career but after a few years of experimenting they founded each other on the social media of Facebook and started to talk first as big friends and later they descided to go farther and more serious being in the music so they descided to make a duo group calling Synastry. Damien van Immerseel and Istvan Budai met each other in Netherlands for the first time while staying for a full weekend for an event they went calling A State of Trance.Synastry is a duo group that focus themself more on the Progressive side of Trance with some touches of Orchstral, back in the late of 2014 they released their first small tracks on smaller unknons labels but faster they started to grown and signed on a sub-label from Club G Music based in Vietnam a contract for a higher release named Victory that ended very well in a chart as #5 track in the top 100 of Trance by HTFRD, the track came out in February 2015. The year started very good for them as they signed their first collaberation with another duo from America with the name M.AD.E and they signed this time on Cloudland Music a first big release for them as a great start of a new beginning of something we always dreamed about. A place next to the bigger guys. There is still more to come!