- El Mariachi


El Mariachi (Yaroslav Gnatchenko) - electronic music producer, DJ & label owner (vinyl "Cassiopeia Audio" and digital "Kepler 22B Records").He was born in middle of 80's in Kharkov, second largest city of Ukraine.From his youth, was interested in music: electronic, rock, classic, ethnic music like spanish flamenco and latin rhythms.All these genres have influenced his musical vision and the subsequent creation.At age 16 he decided to start playing music. First it was learning to play classical and electric guitar, then he start to learn how to make music on PC. His artistic taste and style is somewhere between techno, house, disco and electro music.Then was born artistic pseudonym El Mariachi (translated from spanish- traditional mexican musician) shows well what he doing in life.For his 26 years he already has enough quality material, which was supported by the leading producers in the world. El Mariachi is a winner of Ukrainian Award in house music in 2010.Now El Mariachi release music on international labels such as: YSR & Young Society Neon, progrezo-records, 90watts, Freaky Vibes and other.