- Ricci Ferdinand


Dj Portuguese / Producer Influences:- House, Deep, Afro and TechDj and Producer English began in early class. With twenty-five years of experience, for Portuguese clubs, from north to south, with a mixture of children from Deep House to Home and Technology-House.All his shows are full of history, creativity and energy. He is recognized for changing parties in evenings to remember.Empreendimento leads a new project in Oporto: Twins1974. Previously, he led the projects Kasa Da Praia, Twin Foz, Twin's Beach and Fort St. John, Kiss Club, Libertos Albufeira and Posh Club.In addition to his residences, he also worked as a freelance in several national and international clubs, having played alongside other djs in the world such as: Pete Tha Zouk, Vibe, Mark Knight, MANDY, DJ Spen, Kenny Carpenter, Quentin. Harris, Jamie Lewis, Siopis, Alex Finkin, Erick Kupper, Spektrum, Miss Kitty, Abigail Bailey, Chus and Ceballos, ...