- Dee Mares


The Music is everywhere, not only in every sound, but also in colors, images, feelings. Above all, you should be able to express it and never miss the moment when inspiration knocks on your awareness. It might happen that in this every moment far-away world inhabitants try to reach us with their mysterious dance. Can you hear it?You think of it while listening to one of promising Ukrainian “minimal” producers Dee Mares’ abstract techno. One of the brightest Indeks Music family representatives started composing in 2003, expressing his feelings with various music styles. It took less than a year for Dee Mares to be noticed not only in Ukraine but also abroad. And it is no wonder, ‘cause seemingly simple and unpretentious sounds are being easily transformed into complete image and imbued with emotions canvas in his skillful hands. For the moment musician cooperates not only with Ukrainian labels, but also with foreign club music monsters. We have to highlight Dee Mares’ collaboration with Indeks Music label that is known as stylish, unformatted techno producers.Dee Mares thinks that being obsessed with one style means to lose the creativity freedom and it is the worst thing happening to the musician. Stylistic frame is not as important, as the ability to communicate the rustle of the forest via only seven known tones. And as practice shows Dee Mares needs nothing more to do it.