- Kai Urig


One year "Morgentau", one year "Jelly Joker" and now forever "Kai Urig - Das Uriginal". At the tender age of 15, Kai discovered his love and affinity for electronic music. At that time, he used idols such as Florian Meindl, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and Steve Reich. From year to year, he dared to be more. At first, he mixed only small mix tapes, which he played for friends, now produces his own podcasts. After he had heard a set by Sven Väth in 2006, a vision was not to be banish from his mind: Produce music by your own! Maybe someday your song is part of a major set of a well-known DJ. Since that day, he deals with the realization of his dream and produces his own songs, in the hope that one day, one of his songs is played by a famous DJ. His style is to settle in the Minimal genre, although many of his songs are tinged melodic. Meanwhile, he has published, under several synonyms, some EPs and albums. Furthermore he is still active in a duo project with the name "Godmode". . But of course he knows how to convince behind the turntables! He plays in some clubs in Germany and convinces the audience with his dedication to music. He draws them into his spell. Besides his career as a DJ and producer Kai also runs his own label "Mycore Records" and "Cosmic Alliance." Either Mycore Records as well as Cosmic Alliance support national and international artists in their self-realization and self-marketing.