- Simone Lauria


BIO ENG: Simone Lauria is a 18teen boy who like make music. At age of 12 years old he feel a strong attraction for the electronic music and at first learn to use the ''Cdjs''. Subsequently at the age of 13 years old he feels the need to expand their skills in the music camp,beginning to learn the use of the DAW '' FL Studio". At the age of 15 years arrives his first release "Bassmode" under the name of ''The LoudPakk''. Next Year arrives his second release "Drop the Drop" on Digital Complex Records. In the same year arrives his third release,the most popular, "Bitch Bad Have My Money'' on Digital Complex Records with whom succeeds to entry in the BEATPORT TOP 100 ELECTRO HOUSE reaching the #33 position. Simone Lauria right now is working to experiment new sound to apply on his works and to make them appreciate by the pubblic music scene.