- Solovey


It's emotional, crazy and incredibly beautiful. That these words can describe what is happening on the dance floor, where playing Solovey.Alexey started DJ career in 2006, with charisma and unbridled passion for music, he has managed to create a unique musical style and set a new standard of quality. Experimenter with a capital letter, he's interested in any direction, for it has no boundaries and anything is possible. He produce albums of Russian pop-stars, doing remixes on most popular melodies and has own product - the music with which it's easy to live. Solovey brings good mood to millions of people in every corner of our planet.Tour activity covers many cities in Russia and worldwide. His music is universal, as good as in small clubs and at major venues. Moreover, most of the tracks of this talented musician playing on the radio and in the clubs.Solovey has been actively involved in projects: Positive Djs, Lucky Ducks, etc.All of these qualities help Alexey to be the best music producer in Russia.