- Mister Black


There is a Madman lurking in the Midwest. His name is Mister Black A.K.A. Corey Nielsen of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has a steady history of bringing the heat, no matter if it’s creating his signature sound of bass madness in the studio, or getting crowds hype all over the U.S. behind the decks with a clever mix of turntablism, clean mix technique, and genre bending transitions. Having held multiple residencies in many different venues and mesmerizing crowds in various parts of the U.S., he has developed a healthy arsenal of musical weapons and tactical DJ skills to rock crowds where ever he may strike. He has secured multiple awards for his skills on the decks as well as in the studio. He currently is producing filthy bass music for 5 different record labels in 4 different countries, as well as taking over the blog world with features on Dubstep.net, DrumNbass.net, Musicyouneed.net, Whitefolksgetcrunk.com and many more, with more to come. Don't pass on the prospect to be in the presence of this proprietor of bass, Mister Black.