- DnC Groove


DNC GROOVEAmsterdam based DnC Groove launched his career in 2004 when featured on legendary New York record label West End Records with his first collectionable vinyl record 12’x 2.In the same time busy with a massive release around the world Mediterranean Vibes BESO feat JoJey together with Dj Kons released and remixed from well know global dance artist's with his record label followed with a solid support remix from the artist from Soulfouric and Defected Records.The musical career of DnC Groove has been growing very fast in the last few years. Ever since his first release when he was only 24 , he has undergone an evolution towards a new vision of underground music. Signing on labels like West End Records,Protocol Records,Stargarda Records,Co2 Recordings,Gomination,DMRecords,Proton Records and releasing his music thrue Beatport,I-Tunes,Juno,Amazon,ID&T,DjDownload,Nokia Ovi Store and all the best distributors around the world.Well know over the music world Daniele on art DnC Groove of DnC since 1996, dj/producer/musician and live performer. Was born into a magic musical family and was exposed to music at very young age, by his father jazz keyboard player ,this was his first input into the world of music and the main reason behind his music career.DnC Groove begin to gain experience when he decide to live from his Iland Sardinia/italy and fly to Germany,England/London,Spain/Barcellona and now is based in Amsterdam/Holland since 2001.His own first music set up included a sinthesizer Yamaha DX-7 and a roland groove box mc 303.Back in the 2006 DnC Groove get his 3th place as best upcoming Dutch talent nominated from the Amsterdam Pop Music GRAP. His live performance begin to be played more with live instruments where include a laptop and roland groovebox MC 505 until now that use to work on Roland MC 909.