- Givor Paradis


Suleyman Yayıcı was born in Canakkale, Turkey in 16 May 1991. He has never given away his childhood dream of music. In addition to music, his interests in comics and theatre changed his life to a large extent. He started to publish monthly comics in school magazines and took place in almost every school plays in schools which he had gone. Due to his interest in computers, he found about various music programs and by doing so he started to make his own music. When making his own music, he followed steps of well- known artists such as Tiesto and Armin van Buuren and started to make Trance music. With the tracks he made in trance music, he made a name for himself and took another step on the road he had targeted. Later, he started to make tracks in progressive house and electro house style.During his career, he used different nicknames. One of his most well-known nickname is Givor Paradis. When he was 12, he made mashups and became popular. Between 2010 and 2012, he took part as an animation dj in various hotels and by doing so he started to his professional dj career. In 2012, he started to perform in collage festivals and private parties. With his remix works, he developed his career to a higher place. He always put his target to the highest level and made an effort to reach his target. With his newest album, he believes he is going to get closer to his target...