- Yamppier


Yamppier is self-taught producer, born in Cile and grown in Italy. At the age of thirteen he fell in love with the dance music and the world of the nightlife and dis coteques .Two years later he asked, as a present for his birthday, for a consolle and since then on he is improving his natural skills with mixer and cdj. He effectively entered the nightlife as a dj and PR in some glam clubs in Turin, Montecarlo and in private parties.In 2012 he releases the first two singles "Guitar love" and "More More More" obtaining a good feedback. Discography 2012 King 2012 More more more 2012 Guitar love 2013 I wish i was 2013 Still i remain 2014 who we are 2014 Everything 2015 Round Round 2015 My blue side 2015 Disco Bordello 2015 Summer Flute 2016 You Are Free 2017 Love You More 2017 Like I Do