- Smoothies


Two Smoking Barrels or two dj producers? We do not know.Smoothies, this duo in outstanding growth regarding theItalian market along with a heavy dose of irony and anuncommon energy. T his is how they get to consoles, with asmile that immediately gives happiness and desire to jumparound.Smoothies, well known to Pescara are Antonio Veneruso('88) and Giulio Piedigrosso ('89 ) and their music is amelting pot of many different genres. T heir slogan, or themusical genre that distinguishes them is the Dutch, butamong their extra influences, there are also traps, dubstep,electro and techno.T heir DJ set is a direct path to madness... and it is not toofar away from hip hop. T heir first EP, " T -Rap ", reached thefourth highest selling album of Itunes category hip hop / rapand counted on the participation of artists such as Vacca,Vincenzo Da Via Anfossi, Jamil, Giame. Is that all?Absolutely not. After two singles produced by Dj Bl3nd (DJ #91 in the world for DJ Mag UK) or Dj Bl3nd & Smoothies -Rise and Dj Bl3nd & Smoothies - Hyroshima, a collaborationwith Cristian Marchi has been planned, one of the few starsamong Italian DJs .Meanwhile, Smoothies remixed "Dolce & Gabbana " of thePower Francers , a band with which Smoothies have longcollaborated and continue to spend a lot of time in therecording studio... I'm always around to make Italy dance,often Europe, too, all the dates and news about the bandare always available on their Facebook page (www.facebook.com / smoothiesofficial)