- TRiNoVaNTe


I have been collecting, spinning and mixing vinyl ever since i got my first set of Technics at Secondary School. At Uni I used to play my latest 1 hour sets at funky House parties.However, as life has progressed and my social life has shrunk, i decided to pursue a childhood dream of mine. I love electronic dance music and computer games, so i sold my turntables and stopped playing waste of time games and invested in a decent home computer studio system and market leading music software.The last 5 years have been like a heavy addiction, they have had there lows and they have had there highs. However, the passion, desire and love for experimenting, producing and releasing my own style of electronic dance music has got me through some dark patches in life.I know I will never become a pop-star or get more than a 100 listens to my music, but the knowledge that i persisted in believing in myself making a dream become a reality is better than any fame or wealth can bring.