- Clem B


Clem B is an electronic Music producer, DJ and Live Violonist on Electronic music tours.He started playing violin from an early age. Such interest grew over the years and accompanied him up until today. He was educated at " Conservatoire de Paris ".VIOLIN - He's now starting an international career (France, Algeria, Swiss, Belgium, Germany, Maroc, Paris and in some different places in france). He's very often playing with the famous DJ Jeremy De Koste (Hoston Music) which gave him his chance on his tours.Clem B played for the french Singer Ysa Ferrer on her French Tour and on the album "ULTRA".He played too with Samantha Mayer, Evâa Pearl, Antaum B, Ben Crafter, Oktan Art, Nicolas Nucci, Pedro Delmoral, and so many deejays of French Capital.PRODUCTIONS - Clem B signed lots of productions in cooperation with various DJs such as Flavio Wariez, Cedric Esteban, Oktan Art.Some great DJs worked on Clem B's release "Profusion" in Collaboration with Flavio Wariez, trademarked by Sorry Shoes Records© - Managed by Mike Kelly.Clem B's remixers on this release are Ben Manson & Olivier Malone (LAB's, Scream parties)Aurel Devil (Pool Party, Screams parties), Thomas William (Nightkomm Organizer and Greenkomm Resident in Cologne) ,His other popular songs likes "Higher" (remixed by Raf Fender), "Cindy" and "Lie" are trademarked by the French label Resolution Records© managed by Tommy Marcus.He remixed Ysa Ferrer ("Capsule Hotel" release), Stan Malko, and Ben Manson & Olivier Malone ("Beautiful Nightmare"), Tony W. («Underground» on Resolution Rec, and «Talking Back» and LB One "Neeran" on Frenchloop Rec, are a summer released in collaboration with Flavio Wariez). A free bootleg of Dexter them called "Murder by contract" available on free streaming on the web.He recently composed official demo songs for the musical software company Ultimatesoundbank "UVI products" and MOTU, where he was sound designer during 2 years.Profile Image (590x404)Some other productions of Clem B are currently in progress and will be soon released. He's working with Anton Derio at Call Sound Studio.Next EP with DJ Antaum B : "Abyssalisum", with some of great remixers like Pierre O, Raf Fender, Xavier Seulmand, Oliver Malone, Dorian Evander