- Alex Noiss


ALEX NOISS BIOGRAPHY - Alex Noiss, was born in Milan in1985,since he was a child he was fascinatedby the music and from its many genres.Begins at 15 years, to attend school MAS in Milan,to learn how to use the consolle and software for musicproduction.Right from the start, Noiss, you put in the hard work toprivate parties,improving from year to year, his style andtechnique.In 2005 he was chosen by Coca-Cola Co. and the M.A.S,Tour of the Olympic Flame for the 2005/2006, supported bya staff of dancers and a speaker.The tour, which touches all of Italy and not only coming alsoto France,Alex Noiss, offers the public passion and involvement.In the tour, Noiss, met several celebrities of the televisionandthe world of music, some names :Gwen Stefani, Lady Violet, Number 2, Helena Hellwigh,Giorgio Armani, Pupo, Sasa 'Salvaggio, Simona Ventura,Albertino, Andrii Shevchenco, Marcello Lippi and many others.. Alex Noiss, is characterized by his passion,energy and stylethat always puts its Performance,some clubs where he played:Hollywood (Milan), Shockyng (Milan), Alibi Cafe '(Milan)-BarBianco (Milan), Q-Beer (Milan),Maneggio (Novara),Dinamo (Milan), Santa Tecla (Milan), Disco Batha'(Lecce),Mareluna (Cariati Marina-CS) and much more. . .Since 2011, conducts a radio address bookentitled "Do You Make A.Noiss?" within the program "FeelThe 90"conducted by Roby Laville, live every Friday night on RadioPNR (www.radiopnr.it), and other European Network.Since 2012, present in the program "Club Time" on air everyFriday and Saturday night on Radio PNRwith the best music Progressive House and Electro selected& mixed.Currently, Alex Noiss, is working on productions / remixersand beyond,and has had several collaborations recordwith labels: Linda Records-Blisscorporation-UrbanLifeRecordsThe Dominion-Green Park -Only The Best Records. . .