- Antony Turiello


Antony Turiello is a Musical Artist, was born in Naples on 30th April 1991 , originally of Procida a small island in the gulf . Begin the interest for the music at the age of 10 years old, listening the first LP going ahead with compact disc and the actual digital music. Soon during school started to play with friend in many small club, discovering the proper passion for the music. Winning at college some djing contest decided to start the own production, where today produce for various house labels. Came the first single ''Worry'' in 2013, then ''La mistica'' on 2015 with couple years of stop and re-started to produce again in 2018, coming in the same year with many single's like: ''Dancing in the shadow'' , ''Get crazy'' obtaining the exclusive on all digital stores then ''Sneaky boom'' ,''Walking on'', ''Around space'' & ''Discovering''. In the beginning of 2019 came out ''Youth'' & the first EP ''Sunrise'' including ''Suspense''.