- Annee'


Anneè was born in Maglie(in southern Italy)She began singing as a child prodigy at the age of 5 years for the various street festivals in her region.During the high school she studied in Bari melodic singing with the jazz- singer Gianna Montecalvo in the school of music “Pentagramma”. Anneè growing up performed in various national singing competitions always finishing at the top. She took part to several Mediaset TV shows .After the maturity also studied in three academies as actress and participated to the introductory section of the Csc of Rome and took part in a workshop held by the Academy of Dramatic Art “Silvio D'amico”.She works for a Rai drama “ I married a cop 2” in the role of Mirta .In that years she continued to sing ,write lyrics and train with the singer Arianna Todero. In January 2011 she made her first house music single "SISTER AKT" written by herself.In September 2012 realized with “Only the best record “ the second dance single "HOT RHYTHM". The song is a featuring with rapper Muphasah, is a tribute to the rhythm which moves everthing,make dance, dream, fall in love, in short, the rhythm is life and joy triggers in us all. The video was shot in Sicily.In April 2013 went out her third Pop single”SPECIAL LAKE”away from her musical genre but stands out the singing talent.The video shot at the”Alimini Lakes”in Lecce is an uncertain love story for two men. In May 2013 made ”Falling in love”the fourth single released from few days.


Compilation Summer Dance Commercial House 2016 - 2017 (Songs Top Hits New Best Music) (Extended Mix)
Peppe Alberti, Claudio Ceruto, Alessandro Bonsignori, Killer Faber, Pepper Enjoy, Funky Brothers, Ruly MC, Stylus Josh, Fil Renzi Project, Marcello Sound, Danilo Orsini, Annee', Matteo D, Adele Wilson, Dr. Feelx, Franklin Santana, Marie J, Valery, Joseph B, Danny Devasto, Tony Vee, Marco Piccolo, The Sound Of Ritmo, Egidio Esse, Marco Zardi, Dj Radoske, DJ Andry, EaDJ, DJ Peter Balance, Alexanna, Matteo B., Marius Percali, Anthony Garcia, Dhali, Dj Forever, DJ Devil, Mario Cosenza, Dayanis, Johnny Device, SimoxDeejay, Effe, Parrini, Alberti, Tony Delta, Simon, Emy, Tolemada Project, Zaira, Alex. F, Latinos Coracao, Magilla, Cerin, Jos, Luca Todesco, Gigi Fuscaldo, Fabio Karia, DJ Tribil, Avy Jay, West, S.D.C., Sandro Odoardi, Piero Toti, Massimo Bellaroba, Emanuelp, Grandmaster Ferdy, DJ Nocivo, Mr. Animal, Fabrizio Lisitano, Jackin Johns, Gigi Cerin, Luca Alberti, Alex Federer, Paolello, Antonio Pilloni, Frystal DJ, Luca Carletti, Michael Prize, Lino Di Meglio, Max Zuleger, Facamolada, Jenny, Raff Todesco, Dr. DD, Calabro Project, One Crew, Piacentino DJ, Style DJ, DJ Sphynx, Lady Lu, Andry J, Rodriguez, Gigi Cerin DJ, Slangship Brothers, Emma Washington, The Sisters, Hathordj, Eugenio Bono, A-Moon, Fabio KF, Fabio KF, Torch Brothers, Maximilian Tux, Fabio Massimino, Luka Papa, Peppe Alberti, Luca Todesco, Erick Violi, Wsaved, Hathordj, Fabio Karia, Marcello Sound, Thebrothers DJ, HouseDeliciouS, Funky Brothers, Marco Piccolo, Marius Percali, Fil Renzi Project, Emanuelp, Sparacello, Danilo Orsini, Umberto Behboudi, Mattia Credidio, Niko K, Fabio Romano, Andrea Donati, Alexanna, Angel See, D.Mark'J, Espi, Mario Percali, A-Moon, DJ Andry, Alberti Playa, Andry J
Only The Best Record | 2016-07-18