- The Strings (ITA)


" The Strings " is a musical project born in 2016 from the collaboration of Marco Marzulli and Simonetta Noviello , two completely different realities, but at the same time linked by one thing in common: music. Marco marzulli , the Dj / producer from Bari, begins to approach this reality from the tender age of 14 years , experimenting with several genres, like techno and deep house, and making his first experiences in various underground clubs in Bari. Simonetta noviello instead cultivated his passion for music through a more classical training , supporting his studies at the Conservatory of Bari and playing Viola. " The Strings " is the fusion of classic and modern , the continuous research of harmonic and classical sounds combined with a real dj-set. They come out on labels as Frequenza Records and PPmusic!