Key Commands
 - Wes Wieland


Wes is a young DJ and Producer with a committed passion for music. Through his recognizable self-created sound his performances are unique and he is set apart from his peers.From a young age, he showed enthusiasm for music.At the age of 12 years, he learned to play guitar and drums and played in a Rock Band in his youth.At the age of 16 he get in in touch of electronic music for the first time.The young Berliner began increasingly to delve into this style of music and found his element.Regular club visits came thus then also the contact with the people who literally have set the tone at the party.Soon came the first attempts at self-produced music.True love, supported by friends and by lessons learned from the environment, thus began to the music.Driven by virginal experience in nightlife and by the love of music, it did led him to self-organized events with friends and supporters.These were also well received beyond the borders of Berlin.By getting more performances in the Berlin club scene, he fulfilled his sound, through the combination of violent kicks and some rest, with his own stamp on it.He is supported by such famous artists as Joseph Capriati, Cristian Varela, Spartaque, Dr. Motte, Dario, Darmec, DJ Obi, Raum+Zeit, Rodrigo Risso and many others.Now he finally sat his sound and is filling the floor with his forward moving Techno sound.