- Richard V


Passionate of electronic music.Raised in Lille, I've been inspired by the famous Belgium clubs and festivals (I love techno, Sonar, Nuits sonores ...).At 15 I bought my first turntables and mixed trance / house.I moved to Rhône-Alpes region and I rode my PUREMIX radio emission (radio Ellebore) where I invited many guests: Flore, Maelstrom, Fantaz, D'jamency, Dees, Electrodav, Maetyk ...My Sets? Surprising! I am where you do not expect me : Techno, Break-beat, Drum ... All depends on the place but only one purpose : bring the Dancefloor to travel !Until November 2011 I organized PUREMIX evenings, then Very Bass Trip.Then I quit the party organization in order to concentrate myself to composition :2014 one EP : "Reach the clover" including Basscid and Digress tracks, signed on NOCODE RECORDS (Milan)2015 one EP : "Move underground" including EpsilOn, Prohibited and Milky tracks (Richard V vs Maetyk) on Lifesentence Records (London)2017 one EP : "Family" including Chidren, Tears, PersonalitY, StateS, Nine. contact : richard.v@hotmail.fr / 0623460417