- Taucher


Ralph Armand Beck, better known as Taucher, is a German electronic music producer and DJ. The Trance music pioneer started DJing in 1992, winning notoriety for his eccentric performances. Once such, performing in full scuba diving gear, of which his artist name Taucher (Diver) is derived.Initially, 1993-2002, Taucher was a collaborative project with compatriot, producer Torsten Stenzel. The duo achieved substantial succes in the mid 90’ies with singles such as 'Fantasy' and 'Infinity', and debut album ‘Return To Atlantis'.Additionally the Beck/Stenzel producer team became internationel recognized for their extensive remix catalogue. In a period spanning one-and-a-half year they produced 54 remixes for renown electronic artist such as Moby, Faithless, Ayla, Culture Beat, Robert Miles and Talla 2XLC. Resulting in one of Taucher's best- known album releases, the trance compilation 'Life Is A Remix’.With succesful singles 'Pictures Of A Gallery', 'Child Of The Universe', and remixes such as Ayla (Taucher Remi) and Sosa - Wave (D.J.Taucher Remix), Armand-Beck soon found himself touring the world.As time went by, Taucher began moving away from straight-up trance, preferring to produce Progressive Trance and Techno.With very clear musical aims, Taucher set up his own brand, Adult Music. Under 'Adult Music' he started a weekly online radio show, forged his own label, and communicated with his fans through forums and compilations.