- Ula


At the age of 13 Ula got into EDM after he's brother give him a special track to listen " tiesto - forever today " It was at that time he discovered his love for electronic music and when he started to listen to tunes like "love comes again " & "Serenity" that he grew a passion for trance. At the age of 20 he started thinking about making he's own music . At the same time he was slowly putting together a DJ setup to mix together the tunes he fell in love with. After practicing again & again with Fl studio Ula did he's first successful track it was a remix for Spark 7 and he did well being in the top 30 from 1000 remixs . later on he release 2 tracks on some labels got well on beatport A year later he got his first air play on Future Sound Of Egypt by Aly & Fila ! 2 times with tracks like Shadows & Tears of an angel Ula make it to the next level expecting more from Ula next Year ! a release on all major labels