- Staves


The Staves is a duo club-dance project born in 2010 thanked to the collaboration and friendship between the two young italian djs and producers Riccardo Pierini and Marco Vezzoli.A name chosen by chance looking up in a music guide book but that in its meaning shows the duo's deep link to music. Their meeting and love at first sight with Diego Abaribi (president and owner of Melodica Records) was their key to the music business.Even if this project is so young the Staves have lots of international productions and remixes already released and played all over the world. They started playing tech-house but influenced by different genres of music, such as funky, passing through progressive and techno .. a sound better understandable for sure by listening to them.Their monthly top ten charts and all their productions are available on Beatport, starting from their first single "Picadora", to their spring release "Overtime"out on Tambour without forgetting the recent "Synesthesia" co-produced with Hunzed.Which are their future plans? their next releases? "We want to concentrate more on our productions - they say - trying to improve our style and make our sound something unique. We are creative, dynamic, humble and ready to work hard day by day"