- NenaHalena


NenaHalena marries beautiful melodies with rugged beat structures, laced together with captivating androgynous delivery. Having mass creativity and a deep connection with the art of live music stemming from blues & jazz keys also, heavy in uences from Afro-Brazilian percussion rhythms; a key performance element experienced at NenaHalena’s shows. Completely rejuvenating the perception of a DJs role and execution as an art form, NenaHalena breaks the boundaries of convention and showcases the transcendent nature of music to perfection. Delivering a blissful amalgam of hypnotising rhythms and harmonic textures, bolstered by technical skill. The debut La Ku Rubà transports you into a hedonistic paradise with the help of a dancing xylophone, echoing off kilter melodies over a warm welcoming bassline. The track is soon accompanied by a rich afro-melodic vocal performed by Akil Varinda, and answered by distinct djembe phrasing played by NenaHalena’s own hand; fully encompassing the organic and spiritualistic magic of the track.