- Nian Project


NIAN PROJECTis a project made by associated producers, ANGELO FREZ Z A e NICANDRO PILLA, both DJs and producer.Under this name they achieve record productions,characterized by vocal, Electro-House and Progressive sounds. They meet the first time in Radio Luna Network in 2001 and immediately created an harmony and an energy, which originated the NIAN PROJECT in 2008. From many years they are resident DJs at Alexander Club (in Campobasso) and at Blue Note Music Club.Their record productions are various and the most successful are: NIAN PROJECT feat. P.P. – GET UP YOUR TURN (Urbanlife Records) included in SASA’ THE KING LIVE IN MYKONOS 2010 compilation by DJ/PRODUCER LELLO MASCOLO.NIAN PROJECT feat. ELISA C. – GIVE IT T O LOVE (Overmind Records) included in SASA’ THE KING LIVE IN MYKONOS 2011 compilation.NIAN PROJECT collaborate with many DJs/producers including MISSY JAY remixing NOBODY’S PERFECT posted on beatport.com in September 2008. After the publication of GIVE IT TO LOVE track they back on the scene with NIAN PROJECT-LUNES INDIGNADO track (Urbanlife Records) sold on CD & DIGITALSTORE, included in the "Winter 2012" compilation of the Capannina of Forte dei Marmi (Halidon Records) and inserted on Dj Selection 341 (Do It Yourself), getting foreign reprints on HOUSEPITAL RECORDS (Olanda) and LE MANS RECORDING (Francia). In March 2012 they landed in Miami WMC 2012 where they presented their last work NIAN PROJECT feat. Sherrita - JOY THING (Urbanlife Records) on sale on every digital store and cd. The production of progressive and electronic "Folie" on 2sonic records defines Nian project's record route, so Nian Project rise up as new DJs/producers in Italy. This allowed Nian to extend their project and be part of the crew of Kunique “Be a dj”, the m2o program where alternate the best Italian producers emerging or not. They remix the track "For your love” on sale on cd and digital store for Relight Orchestra's ten-year-career. The collaboration with 2sonic records continues with the track "Delight" and "The right direction".