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KARYMMEKARYMME, known as the Colombian Diva of dance music is a singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. Born in Tolu, Capital of the Golfo of Morrosquillo, Karymme is an artist who embraces all her Caribbean roots combining them with American and European sounds, making her different and distinctive in her field. Recognized as the pioneer and vocal icon of the Electronic Scene in Colombia and one of the most important in Latin America, KARYMME sings House, Trance, Progressive, Electronic beats blended with typical Caribbean sounds as well as hip hop, ballads, jazz and soul fusions; rhythms she performs in Spanish and English. Her unique live shows, full of energy and magic portray a particular Broadway-style like performances on stage, including Djs, dancers and special complementary guests. Since her infancy she was involved in music, focusing her abilities in dancing and poetry, an experience that made her stronger through the years and which has complemented her singing, modeling and acting day by day, therefore, taking over stages constantly, which led her to participate in national and international events and share stages with big artists of the music industry in the coming years. KARYMME's international recognition began with the release of the single "KISSING ANGELS” (Spinnin Records, Netherlands) “A beautiful epic vocal trance track on the Oxygen imprint! by Maarten de Jong’s masterpiece remix!” Supported by Schulz, Sander van Door, Marcus Schossow, Andy Moor, The Thrillseekers and Langel. The track was played by Aly & Fila in their weekly show Future Sound of Egypt...With over 20,000 views on youtube and first place in the most important electronic radio stations of her country such as La X, and some other different radio stations online in Colombia and Latin America. KARYMME's next release, “FROM LOST” (Rockstars Records, España) produced by Javi Reina & David del Olmo, has made thousands of people and fans of the scene, dance to it around the world. Paul Di, Mathias Moreno & First Mike gave a good status to this track by giving it different tones and shades of sound adding it in compilations of the year in Spain. “ENDLESS LOVE”(Housepital Records) produced by DJ Monxa, is a fine progressive house inspired by the infinite love with soft romantic notes and the most delicate electronic sound. All productions are available on Beatport and specialized online stores, these are successfully part of clubs and radio stations worldwide. Her character on stage makes her one of Colombia’s artists with more international projection. She has done roles for short films such as Tumba y Tumbao, La Vida Era En Serio and part of Cheverisimo series. She once was part of the band La Sonora Dinamita with whom she toured to Peru, Ecuador along South America. Nominated for Best Live Act in Colombia, KARYMME has shared the stage with Tara McDonald(Official Singer of David Guetta), Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina, Rachael Starr, J Alvarez, Javi Reina, Duo Parantula, David del Olmo among others. She has successfully performed on a regular basis at the best clubs and festivals around Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. She was the official artist for the Colombian Tour ACQUA by the Italian brand ALFAPARF MILANO. She was also chosen to be the artist for Tuning and Extreme car Audio events for Colombia. KARYMME was a offered a special guest appearance on “Dorothy and the Ring of Imagination”, the musical of the Spanish Director Pedro Cano at the Pablo Tobon Uribe Theater in Medellin, and is currently a cast member on The Musical: “The Legend of Nubia” by the same director at the emblematic Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Theater in Bogota. KARYMME's new fresh single will show the real essence of this artist magically captivating every ear and every heart of those who deeply the Caribbean roots ... coming soon in 2012.


Sexy House Sounds, Vol. 10
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