- Melodico


Erick Pereira, better known as Enc Aka Melodico was born in Chile but moved to Sweden with his parents when he was very young. Erick has had several singles playing on the major radio stations in Sweden, Chile, Argentina and Holland. Also with a single "Como Puedo explicar" in rotation on Chilean television "Chilevision" He is a producer, songwriter and artist. His music is a fusion of Latin Urban music mixed with pop making of his own style. Always with new melodies on his mind thats why he call him self "Melodico" and works with artists as Rigo/Crossfire and El Medico. Now he is working with his new album and will release the first single "BAD WOMAN". He did a promo tour in norway and sweden during 2012 and whas the big open act to "DADDY YANKEE" in his concert IN OSLO/NORWAy May 2012.