- Milinka Radisic


Milinka Radisic is known as the very first Indonesian femaleDJ to spin global. This unique blend of Indonesian andSerbian parents has forged herself to a reputation as one ofthe most distinguished icon of female DJ in Asia. For thepast 6 years she has collected numerous electronic musicawards in Indonesia and was chosen to be “the mostseventh of influenced women in Indonesia” in the country of240 million populations, according to one of the biggestmedia portal in Indonesia.She got many extensive media coverage from politicnewspapers, fashion magazines to entertainment T Vs andradio program such as “Fashion TV”, “Tonight Show”, “MiraAdanja Show” and etc. She has fast became a regionalsymbol and a perfect example of female DJ trend in Asia. Inaddition, since 2008 big brands such as DJ Gear ReloopAsia, Magma Bag, Adidas, Nokia and Sony assigned her tobe their endorser for a certain period of time, and also majorfashion line like Guess, Mango and Raoul chose her to playfor their annual event.Her versatile and technically-unique DJ sets are a realmusical journey that range from driving techy soundsthrough to deep progressive main room beats whichincorporate everything from minimal, house, electro,progressive to techno. Therefore she has developed anextremely loyal fan base and continues to expand itworldwide. Milinka has been maintaining her busyinternational schedule spanning the world from Asia’s toEurope’s biggest parties, including Indonesia, Singapore,Malaysia, Vietnam, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia, Romania,Germany, Switzerland, Holland, UK, and of course, IbizaSpain!