- Mr. Deka


A folly in being a genius in creating an art of playing, a promising young R'n'B sound that comes from underground and in constant evolution and musical research, manages to mix different styles and sounds, creating a well-defined footprint. A passion for house music started at a young age growing this talent is giving a promising future.Mr. Deka has Italian dj producer, unleashed in the console during production, has collaborated with many Italian artists, among them the two young talents Poggioli e Gariselli, Federico Milani, Lula Circus, The banister soul, Francesco Bonora.Work with labels such as Natura Viva, Frequenza Limited, Antura Records, Paul's Boutique, Go Deeva, Ad maiora, Keep on rec with remix and ep supported by the world's biggest DJs.Associated with deep sounds and underground talent this young man has all the credentials to become a great artist.