Key Commands
 - Guanlong


Guanlong is a complete opposite.
He lives in a contradictory mess and logically focused chaos.
His ideas and approach to the establishment of his musical creations, compares or more precisely he describes as "Ecumenical asynchronous, resembling distortions in space-time matrix."
Devoted to his creative instincts, thrusters him to create new rhythmic verticals, he has built a proprietary algorithm that in complexity surpasses even himself.
His style tends towards a cyclic but maybe "a spiral resembling gigantic Maelstrom-Rhythm" is accurate definition.
Solid, profound, industrial-spatial, grim and motley.
He hates the regular context and the rules and always experimenting and perverted the sound into extremes by which subsequently he tames and applied in his tracks.
According to him - art can not be studied in the Institute.
An elementary-downloaded program and couple of folders w/ "ready-to-go" loops or a little inexpensive paint and template tactics, just make you another snip of art circles and nothing more. 
Always willing to surprise/amazes - Guanlong - the missing link of the electronic scene, will give the best of longstanding research in the caves of endless musical excitement.