- Frost (RU)


Frost (Dmitry Sokolschik), an underground house and techno dj and producer from Perm (Russia), started his career in the middle 2000’s as one of the pioneers of minimal and tech house music movement in his city.As a member of various promo-groups, he participated in organization of the first series of minimalistic parties in Perm “Micropuzzle” (2005-2006), “Teknofactory” rave at an abandoned “Kommunar” plant facilities (2006), series of parties “Minimal Room” (2007-2008) and techno festival “Birds of Prey” (2008). In 2009 Frost and his friend Cross started a new project “Cross & Frost”, which have a few releases on labels like Klangscheiben (Germany), Miniatura (Argentina), Shitfuck Records (Peru) and Productos BMM (Spain). In 2010 Dmitry became a resident of Loco Club Perm and joined Loco Promo Group (now it have a new name «Croissant Clan»), which brought to Perm many great artists like Mihai Popoviciu, Anthony Collins, Shonky,T homas Schumacher, Robbie Akbal, Droog, Audiofly, Okain, Baffa & Moreon and others. In 2010-2011 Dmitry and his friend Kolya Nikel started two radioshows on local fm stations: «Hello, Music!» on «Record Perm» and «Rhythmika» on «KFM». «Hello, Music» is still on the air and introduce good and fresh house and techno to Perm music lovers. In 2013 Frost, with a big help of his friends Cross and Negative Promo Group, founded his own label «No Frost Music».